About Us

Our Story

Our Business started operating in 2015 and has significantly grown to offer services from Single Room Designs, Architecture (including building services), Project Management and large scale turn key projects.

We pride ourselves on creativity, dedication and cutting-edge bespoke designs with a consistent stamp of luxury for all our customers.

We source our products from all over the world so no design is un attainable.

Our services Include but not limited to;
  • Interior Design for Commercial & Residential Clients
  • Bespoke and Luxury Finishes
  • Renovation projects
  • Project Management
  • Developments (New Builds, show homes, Events, etc)
  • Bespoke Lighting, Furniture and Floors
  • Bathrooms & Kitchens (Bespoke units and appliances)
  • Planning Permission (including Conservation /protected areas)
  • House Staging for Rental and Sale
  • Electrical and Mechanical Designs
  • Seasonal/Occasion Interior Design